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Cosmetic Gum Surgery

What is Cosmetic Gum Surgery?

This is a procedure involving repositioning or reshaping of the gums. This procedure can even out the gum line giving an individual a beautiful smile.

When is it done?

  1. To restore health and function of gums
  2. If the gums are placed too high or low on the teeth
  3. If the gums are highly pigmented
  4. Post completion of orthodontic treatment.
  5. If the gums are inflamed and ill shaped.

Let us learn more in detail about the Cosmetic Gum Problem.

Everyone of us wishes to have that perfect smile, however apart from the shape, size and colour of our natural teeth, the health of the Gums, their contour, and colour play an important role in having that beautiful smile.

1) Excess tissue growth

Few of the reasons for excess tissue growth involve, lack of proper oral hygiene regime, few medicines, post orthodontic treatment, unable to get professional cleaning and polishing done resulting in increase in amount of tartar or deposits.

Sometimes an excess display of gum tissue also called as “Gummy smile” can result in a displeasing smile.

Any of the excess tissue problem can be solved by doing a procedure called as “crown lengthening”,

This procedure involves scalloping of excess gum tissue in the required area, post healing the gums settle in the newly positioned location, helping us to get the desired display of the tooth and tissue material.

2) Receding Gums

At times, our gums migrate away from the tooth due to improper brushing, ill-positioning of a particular tooth/teeth or as we age. Exposure to the root surface results in sensitivity, pain and mobility of teeth. A simple grafting procedure will help resolve the above issue.

3) Uneven Gum Line

Combination of both the above issues lead to uneven Gum line. This can be corrected easily by combining reduction of excess growth and addition of graft material wherever required.

How do we go about it?

All the Cosmetic Gum surgeries can be performed in a dental clinic. The general protocol at LUCID DENTAL is to identify the surgical sites which need alteration in terms of height and width. The recognised area is anaesthetised with local anesthetic . If any additive or grafting procedure is required then the healing period may slightly vary from a few days to some weeks time.

Whichever kind of gum surgery is required the result of this procedure is very predictable and post the complete recovery of the soft tissue it can do wonders to your smile.

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