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Ceramic Veneers in Pune

About Ceramic Veneers

High-strength ceramic ultrathin shells, customized and fabricated for your teeth, bond to the front surface of your teeth, giving them a new appearance. You can have ceramic veneers applied to a single tooth or multiple teeth to improve their shape, color, and mild positioning. The transformation of your teeth’s appearance through ceramic veneers plays a significant role in smile design and smile transformation.

  1. Does not get stained
  2. Looks and feels like a natural tooth
  3. Transforms your smile
  4. Improves confidence

What will the treatment flow be like?

1. Designing your New Smile

During our initial appointment, we’ll have an extensive conversation about your dental needs and the improvements you’re looking for in your smile. To gain a better understanding of your case, we’ll take a series of photographs. Before beginning any actual procedures, we like to create a visualization of the end result. This is not only important for us, but for you as well, as it allows you to see and feel what your new teeth will look like. There are two ways to achieve this: digitally, by scanning your teeth and using Digital Smile Design to create a visualization of the end result, or by taking a physical impression and creating a diagnostic wax-up to see the desired change. The goal of this step is to ensure that we have a clear understanding of how the final veneers will look on your face.

2. The Prep Visit

During your next appointment, we will start the process of preparing your teeth for the veneers. This involves minimal reduction of the front surface of your teeth to create a slightly rough texture. The preparation is done within the enamel, which is the strongest layer of the tooth. After the preparation, we will either scan your teeth intraorally or take a physical impression to record the changes made for the veneer placement. As a final step, we will create temporary veneers chairside, which will be bonded to your teeth immediately after the scanning or physical impression.

3. Final Visit

Our master ceramist handcrafts our high-quality ceramic veneers using the most attractive and durable materials in our dental lab. After they are completed, we will remove the temporary veneers and permanently bond the ceramic veneers into place. When you look into the mirror after the procedure, you’ll see a brand new, radiant smile looking back at you.

Before and After Treatment

Before and After Treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do not bite anything hard from your front teeth
  2. Always floss and maintain good oral hygiene around the treated area.
  3. Do not open any packages with your teeth.


Veneers also need the same kind of care that you would take for your normal teeth which involves visiting a dentist every 6-8 months for initial follow-up and maintaining good oral hygiene.

  1. If you have minor gaps in your teeth, but don’t want to undergo orthodontic treatment
  2. If you have mild to severe discoloration of teeth
  3. If you have mild malalignment of teeth
  4. If your teeth are prone to getting severe stains
  5. If your teeth are uneven in size

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